Blog / musings: wedding and portrait photography

I’ve got plenty to update on here soon, a lovely chunky baby portrait shoot and a gorgeous 50’s themed wedding in Suffolk…but not quite yet.

I did just want to link on here to a little comment I’ve just written on a recent post on Rocknrollbirde.  Its all about people following in the wedding industry.  There is such a huge trend for vintage/quirky things that a huge amount of people think this will just improve their business rather than actually loving and having passion for this certain style.  I certainly got consumed with wanting to be in this new trend and I wanted to be in with this crowd I suppose, but then I realised I have my own eye, my own style.  i do want to find myself a bit more, but just purely copying what other people do will not help me one bit.  I am not, never have been, and never will be a trail blazer.  I’ll probably never be the best there is or the most sought after.  but this is not to disregard my skill and talent (ahem…nearly choke even daring to say such things about myself, but hey, i’ve go to allow myself a little confidence surely!) I am just happy to try and trust in my style and to be myself.  I wont be the mega business woman, and I will always be rubbish talking about money and charging enough, but I’m growing in confidence with my work, and hopefully my pictures get better and better.  I do like a little vintage, I always have.  And I do like a little quirkyness, and through looking at other people i have started to explore this more, it’s like I’ve had permission to all of a sudden by seeing others doing it too.  But I want to find my own path with it, and to carry on doing nice work and having a nice time and perhaps buying a few more dresses in the mean time from charity shops.