Blog / A gorgeous wedding at Wivenhoe House, Essex

Jo and Jon are such a fabulous couple, I was so pleased when they contacted me about photographing their wedding in Brightlingsea, Essex and Wivenhoe House in Colchester.  Another wedding photographer who I know and admire recommended me to them, as she was to be a guest on the big day so was unable to shoot it for them!  What an honour to be suggested by another fellow photographer.  We met at their home in Essex in November 2012, and thankfully they booked me from there.  Jo is one of the most organised brides I’ve ever worked with, and believe me, I’m much happier to be given lots of information about the day than not enough.  There is only so much planning you can do as things always change on the day, but being prepared really does help!

So September came around and we started at Jo’s family home before heading off to the church in Brightlingsea.  It was a beautiful sunny day and I had such a nice time with Jo and her family getting ready for the big day.  The church was stunning and the ceremony was lots of fun and very special.  A drinks reception at the church allowed time for chatting and some groups shots, before taking Jo and Jon off for a few pictures on their own.  At Wivenhoe House there were drinks on the beautiful lawns with ample opportunities for fun photos of everyone enjoying the sunshine and for more pics of the happy couple before everyone went into the Las Vegas themed reception for dinner.  The grounds at Wivenhoe House are gorgeous, my favourite area being the two amazing cork oak trees at the back of the house.  A mass of branches spreading out along the ground made for a stunning area to sit Jo and Jon with beautiful light and shadows creating lovely images for them of their special day.  Lots of laughter and fun was had throughout the day, topped off by fabulous dancing and some Vegas style games tables to entertain everyone in the evening.  It was a wonderful day, thanks so much for having me be a part of it.

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