Blog / My 2014 round up {the crazy crazy year!}

So, 2014 has certainly been a year.  No doubt about that!  A big year.  A flippin’ massive year!  Wow.  Where did it go?  Well, it started with the birth of my second son on January 3rd, so the following months are a little bit of a blur of milk, nappies and extreme emotions.  But in April I had my first wedding back and it was glorious, at the wonderful Bruisyard Barn in Suffolk….and I was back!  A summer/autumn/winter of weddings and other shoots ensued and it was manic, overwhelming, tiring and fabulous!  The venues included Priory Hall in Hadleigh, Spains Hall in Finchingfield, East Anglian Railway Museum and Colchester Town Hall, Duxford Lodge Hotel in Cambridgeshire, Paddocks House,  Barrandov Opera House, The Garden Barn, Bedford Lodge Hotel, The Rowley Mile, The Red Lion Whittlesford, Withersfield Village Hall in Suffolk, St Barnabus Centre in Bishop Stortford, Marks Tey Hotel, two lovely homes and my new favorite place South Farm!   Last Saturday I did my last wedding of 2014 at the amazing Cambridge Union Society.   So now is the time for a little relaxing, a little bit of eating and drinking, and some fun time with family and friends.  Next year may be a little different, I’m taking it a little bit easier in some respects, but putting some work into my website and all that jazz, and perhaps doing a little more editorial and personal work too.  So all’s good, and exciting, and scary.

Here are some photos from the weddings, engagements shoots, family shoots and editorial commissions that I have had the utter pleasure to do this year.   Thank you everyone who I have worked for or worked with this year, and for everyone’s continued support.  Wishing you a very, very happy new year.  Enjoy xxxsuffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0031 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0033suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0032 And onto the glorious weddings!LauraMat14suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0001 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0002 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0003 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0004 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0005 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0006 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0007 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0008 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0009 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0010 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0011 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0012 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0013 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0014 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0015 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0016 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0017 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0018 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0019 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0020 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0021 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0022 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0023 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0024 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0025 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0026 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0027As well as the wonderful weddings, I also had several family and children’s shoots this year.suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0034 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0035 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0037 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0038 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0039 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0040 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0041 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0042 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0045 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0046 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0047 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0048 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0049 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0050 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0051 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0052 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0053 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0054 suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0055And along side all of this, I did some editorial shoots for Fabulous Magazine and Grazia. suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0036  suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0044suffolk-wedding-photography-2014_0043

Bye for now, and thanks again xx