Blog / Fun wedding photography at Paddocks House in Cambridgeshire

I hadn’t been over to Paddocks House near Newmarket since a friend’s wedding several years ago.  It’s had a revamp of late and it was such a treat to photograph this beautiful wedding over there, it really is a wonderful place, on the Cambridgeshire / Suffolk borders and with the amazing garden room which retains the original conservatory, the light was stunning.  This day was so much fun, full of laughter and a mix of family fun and elegant sophistication.  Parents could relax as a team of childminders took care of the kids, with tons of toys, even sitting with them all at dinnertime so the grown-ups could (kind of) eat in peace!  It really was such a wonderful day, Louise and John are so lovely and they were both just incredibly happy on this their special day.  John is a chef and made the beautiful cake, and thankfully the hot weather didn’t melt it too much!  The addition of a silhouette artist (is there an official term for that!?) who was absolutely incredible created a real talking point for the guests and gave them mementos of the day.  Thanks so much for having me with you.  Hope you all like the photos. Rebecca xpaddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0001 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0002 paddocks house newmarket wedding getting ready paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0009 beautiful wedding reception tables newmarket paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0007 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0006 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0005 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0004 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0010 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0011 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0012 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0013 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0014 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0015 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0021 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0020 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0019 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0018 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0017 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0016 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0022 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0023 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0024 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0025 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0026 paddocks-newmarket-wedding-photography-_0027