Blog / Layer Marney Tower & Frinton cricket club wedding photography

What an absolute honour it was to be a part of Vicky and James’ wedding day in July this year.  We met in the autumn of last year at a wedding fair, and I was so pleased when they contacted me earlier this year to meet up and chat about their big day, and to book me up for their wedding photography!  Yay!

The day started with Vicky getting ready in Frinton-On-Sea, and she looked absolutely beautiful.  Then off we all went to the fabulous Layer Marney Tower for a wonderful ceremony.  After a few group photos and shots of the happy couple we went back over to the Frinton-On-Sea Cricket Club.  What a wonderful reception venue this was, a beautiful marquee was set up which looked glorious with all of the pretty, vintage and quirky touches on the tables.  As well as the bouncy castle for the kids (and some adults!) and the candyfloss machine, there was a cricket match on!  Vicky and James were wonderful at giving me some time to get lovely, interesting photos of them, and we had the chance to photograph some friend groups at the score boards, as well as accosting a cricket spectator to have a photo with the bride!  It was such a fun day, with great people, lovely locations and fabulous food, what more could a photographer ask for!  Many thanks Vicky and James for having me at your big day.

"Hi there Rebecca, Sorry for the delayed reply.
Now where to start with our pictures?? We absolutely bloody 
love them them!!
We can't thank you enough for all you captured, wonderful.
All our guests are super impressed. Perfect pictures for a 
perfect day.
Kind regards Vicky & James :)"
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