Blog / A 2012 round up

So, it’s now the 5th of January.  Already!  Best start saving for Christmas eh!

This is a round up of the year.  It was a good year.  I feel like a lot has changed with regards to my work, my wedding work specifically.  I started the year just plodding along.  I had some magazine jobs come in which I love to do, and I had some weddings and family shoots organised.  But by the spring, I realised I needed to make more work come in, and it’s really only me that can do that.  With the editorial work, you contact picture editors, perhaps arrange a meeting, and hopefully some work may come your way.  I have some clients who come back to me now and then, I update them on new work, and it plods along.  Now I don’t live in London, and I have a little boy, schlepping to London with my portfolio has less appeal.  Plus there is not as much work, as they commission less, buy in more (and there are more photographers I suspect, as in all walks of photography now).  So I felt like the weddings needed a bit more of my attention and this was an area I could do some really positive marketing to hopefully get things off the ground a bit more.  And then I started looking.  And boy, what I found I just couldn’t have imagined!

Beautiful, creative, modern, quirky wedding photography, that looked like photos I loved in magazines I loved.  How come I’d never seen this side of wedding photography before?  It quite literally blew my mind!  I always had a slightly different approach to weddings than what I saw to be the “norm”, but now I had seen a real place that I could head towards to feel really happy and confident that I was doing something creative with my photography, whether it be weddings or a magazine commission. A starting point was discovering Folio albums, and going to their tour in Cambridge.  Seeing the beautiful albums, meeting the people, taking some photos…I realised I’d been totally static with my ideas for a long time, and was just getting by.  It gave me a real kick up the bottom, and lead me to discover more photographers, florists, wedding fairs, planners and many more suppliers and creatives involved in the wedding industry that I had no idea about.  And I discovered twitter!  Fairly consuming if you allow it to be, but also a great tool to find other inspiring people who think very much like you do.

So I feel like this year, with alot of time and effort, I have discovered my love of photography again.  I feel like I’m really confident with what I am now offering couples who book me for their big days, that my packaging represents me (that I even have packaging is a bonus!) and that my communication with my clients has improved massively due to knowing what I offer and the way I present this to people.  I feel more excited about doing personal projects for my portraiture to hopefully push my editorial work too, as what I so love about this job is that I can do totally different things all the time.  A wedding one day, a toddler the next, and then a magazine shoot.  It’s what being self employed and enjoying it is all about to me.

In the last few months I’ve realised I need a really good work/life balance too, and so that is an aim for this year.  I have a lot of weddings in 2012, and hopefully I’ll have more jobs coming in for various things, but i need to prioritise, as my little’un will only be a little’un for a short time, and I don’t want to miss it.

So thanks 2012, it was great.  A bit full on at times, a bit hard at times.  I saw friends have very happy times, and not so great times.  I was lucky to have a fairly un-bumpy road, which I’m eternally grateful for.  And I hope everyone’s 2013 is as un-bumpy as possible! (Though some bumps are good, then may make you wobble a bit, but in the end they make you a bit more sturdy).

Here’s a selection from 2012.  Looking forward to sharing more over the next 12 months.  Cheers.