Blog / The Cousins : Real family photography in Suffolk

I feel sometimes that I can’t compete.  I have a constant urge to compare myself to others, and in the line of work I’m in and the fact I work for myself, this feeling crops up more often that I’d really like it to.  That photographer took a better shot than I would have done, their light looks nicer, I wish I’d thought of that, their site is way better, they blog more, their dinner looks more interesting than mine… get the idea. In this era we live in of facebook/twitter/pinterest etc etc, being a visual person can sometimes lead to slight overload.  But it also can be hugely inspirational and exciting.  And it can also remind you that, hey, you know what, I’m not too bad you know!

When it comes to family photography, I wanted to show you what I see as my style, and what I think family photography should be.  I can’t compare myself and my work to others, as it is just me and what I see.  It’s not a backdrop and props and a cheesy smile (though I have to admit to doing plenty of backdrops and props in my time, but things move on and my style has evolved).  For me it’s a bit of time, some details, some fun, hanging out a bit, a series of pictures you might want to put all together in a book that will remind you of a time and a place and your family having some fun.  Those photos you’d never thing of taking but somehow show the magic of the people you love.

My two sons and my sister’s two boys had a morning together on Monday.  And the sun was shining and it was rather autumnal.  There were no arguments, several sandwiches, treasure chests and a trip to the swings.  This is what I saw. xsuffolk-family-photography_0001 suffolk-family-photography_0002 suffolk-family-photography_0003 suffolk-family-photography_0004 suffolk-family-photography_0005 suffolk-family-photography_0006 suffolk-family-photography_0007 suffolk-family-photography_0008 suffolk-family-photography_0009 suffolk-family-photography_0010 suffolk-family-photography_0011 suffolk-family-photography_0012 suffolk-family-photography_0013 suffolk-family-photography_0014 suffolk-family-photography_0015 suffolk-family-photography_0016 suffolk-family-photography_0017 suffolk-family-photography_0018 suffolk-family-photography_0019 suffolk-family-photography_0020 suffolk-family-photography_0021 suffolk-family-photography_0022 suffolk-family-photography_0023 suffolk-family-photography_0024 suffolk-family-photography_0025 suffolk-family-photography_0026 suffolk-family-photography_0027 suffolk-family-photography_0028 suffolk-family-photography_0029 suffolk-family-photography_0030 suffolk-family-photography_0031