Blog / snow day

on my way to drop the eldest off at nursery, i suddenly felt like a student again.  the snow on the industrial estate looked incredible, silent and beautiful.  i drove home after dropping him off to get my camera.  youngest still in the car, we went back and i took some photos.  it started snowing.  he fell asleep.  now it’s a bit sunny, a bit melting, a bit hmmm.  i’m really glad i went back out.  here are some photos.suffolk-snow-photography_0001 suffolk-snow-photography_0003suffolk-snow-photography_0002   suffolk-snow-photography_0005suffolk-snow-photography_0004 suffolk-snow-photography_0006 suffolk-snow-photography_0007 suffolk-snow-photography_0008  suffolk-snow-photography_0010suffolk-snow-photography_0009 suffolk-snow-photography_0011