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I wanted to break things up a little bit with some photographs of my time over Christmas and New Year.  Yes I know we are way past New Year now, but I genuinely can’t believe we are already on the 11th.  Being a wedding photographer, with my weekends planned out for a fair bit of the year ahead, I get the panics early on in the year.

I have work booked in, which is awesome.  But will there be more?  And how will next year pan out for me I ask myself.  But also I then have the panic of free time.  What weekends can we go camping, and how will we figure out getting to see friends and make the most of the summer? The thing with me is that I’m never not worrying about something!  I guess there’s not really a point to this post.  Purely just a stream of consciousness as time whirls towards school pick up.

So here are some photos I took.  I know!  Shocker!

I took the “big camera” out for a couple of nice walks over the festive period.  I wanted to try out a few new things with the camera, nothing too technical.  Just trying a few different settings.  I won’t even go into it, it’s too dull.  (Oh Ok then, back button focusing.  New to me, probably not to most photographers.  But I like to take my time with these things!  And Al servo.  Or something like that.  Look, I’ve always said I’m not techy!  But I’m trying to learn a bit more.)

So we went out.  Christmas eve we met my wonderful friend at Wandlebury country park, just on the edge of Cambridge.  I’ve recently done two family sessions here, and a few years ago I did an engagement shoot here.  We all had a wander, flew some paper aeroplanes, jumped in puddles that sort of thing.  A marvelous thing to do with magnificent company.

The next day out was to the marvelous Southwold.  A true gem in the Suffolk coast. Glorious at any time of the year, but I do love a beach on a chilly winters day.  The light here is incredible, and it changes so rapidly.  We had turkey sandwiches and chips from the cafe on the beach.  Some socks got wet.  Some sand angels made.  And a wonderful time was had.

I hope you were able to have some fun relaxed times over the festive break, if you had a break.  It really doesn’t take much to make some family memories.  A new place or old, a flask, a biscuit, some mud and sand, all creating memories.

Have a good one all.

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