Blog / Stylish summer wedding at The Garden Barn, Suffolk

Stef and Glenn got married this summer, on a beautiful sunny day.  They celebrated at The Garden Barn here in glorious Suffolk after a church ceremony at Little Bradley Church, barely a few minutes walk from the barn.

I started the day with Stef at her Mum’s house. They had arranged a surprise for her in the form of a horse and carriage to take her to the church (I nearly let the cat out of the bag, totally unknowingly, but that is another story! All was well thankfully and she had a lovely surprise!  Phew!)

The sun was shining and the bride was stunning.  The garden barn is a wonderful venue, and it looked amazing with Stef and Glenn’s vintage, personal details, and a totally stunning cake too.  It really was a lovely, relaxed, sophisticated day.  Stef is a midwife and so for me, having had a baby in January and living in the same town as Stef, it was very strange to see all these people who had been at my house earlier in the year checking on me and my son!  I don’t think they recognised me without my dressing gown on! (No, I’m yet to wear a dressing gown to a wedding.  You’ll be pleased to know I do make a little bit of an effort to look smart!)  The day really was full of smiles, sunshine and laughter.  As well as a game of rounders!  Where the bride was a bowler! Such great fun, and really a joy to be a part of.

Thanks so much Stef and Glenn for having me with you, it was wonderful.  All the best, R xxx

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