Blog / Wedding photography at Sturmer Hall {Suffolk/Essex}

Sturmer Hall on the Suffolk and Essex borders is the closest wedding venue to where I live, and I love to photograph weddings there, as rather luckily, it’s pretty gorgeous!  It’s perfect for any weather condition, this year I’ve shot there twice in the snow, plus on just about the hottest day of the year, and a very rainy summer’s day.  Emma and Chris’ big day was a rather wet and rainy one, but we managed some time outside (there is always a break in the clouds at some point in the day!), and we utilised the fabulous marquee and bar area plus the gorgeous house itself.  I even got to break out my wonderful stripy umbrella!  I love how the same venue can create totally different days and photographs because of every day being so different.  Thanks so much Emma and Chris for having me be a part of your big day, it was fabulous! sturmer hall wedding photography sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0002sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0004 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0005 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0006 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0007 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0008 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0009 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0010 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0011 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0012 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0013 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0014 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0015 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0016 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0017 sturmer-hall-wedding-photography_0018