Blog / St Osyths Church & Stoke By Nayland Wedding Photography

I met Caroline and Matt back in the autumn of last year.  We kept in touch and earlier this year we did a fun, if a little chilly, engagement shoot in Clacton.  It was so lovely to see them both and to get the chance to do some photos together before the wedding.

In August the wedding came around and it was wonderful to be a part of the special day.  I started the day at Caroline and Matt’s house in Essex, and had such fun photographing the preparations.  Caroline looked stunning in her dress.  It had only been bought fairly recently due to her being let down with her original choice, causing a fair amount of stress as you can imagine!  But these things happen for a reason and the result was stunning.  Nothing fazed Caroline that morning, she was a vision of calm!

The wedding took place at the beautiful parish church in St Osyth, and then on to Stoke By Nayland Golf Club.  Caroline and Matt’s yellow VW camper van delivered them in style, before we headed off in golf buggies to get some couples portraits. 

The venue looked beautiful with the couple’s fabulous decorations.  Stunning antiques featured in the centre of each table, adorned with wonderful flowers.  A scrabble board, vintage suitcase and fabulous old postcards were just some of the lovely personal touches that gave the day a special edge and represented the couple perfectly.  Extremely emotional speeches had me wiping my eyes behind the camera, and a beautiful fun first dance topped off the day.

Thank you Caroline and Matt for having me with you on your amazing day.  I say it every time, but it really is such an honour.  Thank you xx

Hi Rebecca, just wanted to say a huge thank you for capturing our special day! It was truly amazing and the photos reflect our personalities. We are thrilled! Not sure how we will even begin to pick out photos for an album?!?! I cannot recommend your services enough. Thank you so much, Caroline and Matt xxx”


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