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So we’re staying home right?  And, the natural thing for me to do is to get the big camera out, as I call it!

As I write this, myself and my children have been home for just under 5 weeks now.  I was sent “the letter” regarding isolation for 12 weeks due to cancer treatment I had last year, so the boys were home from school with me and we were adjusting.  Roll on 5 weeks, and I discover I shouldn’t have had the letter and I’m not vulnerable thankfully.

So yesterday I went for my first walk in the evening sunshine and it was lovely.  We are doing as everyone is and home schooling, managing, trying to enjoy it, feeling thankful.  Yes, many weddings and shoots have been postponed, but I’m working with my clients to re-arrange and their time will come again and it will be great.

Whilst juggling work admin, trying to get last years weddings blogged (I’m so far behind!), schooling, fun time and general house/life stuff, I’m taking the odd photo here and there.  I want to remember this time and have images to look back on.  I regret not documenting my treatment and that time more last year (but I was in no mind space for that) so I’m going to pick up the camera when I can now so I don’t regret it.

So to all of you out there, stay safe, stay home, key workers I applaud you, people struggling I send virtual huggs, and be sure that as stressful and frightening as this may be, this too shall pass.  Keep safe xx

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