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Happy New Year all!  In the last month we’ve had our eldest son turn 4, an annual family gathering at our home, Christmas day at 3 venues, New Year at ours with my family, plus our baby turned 1 on Saturday and we had a (crazy/manic/lovely!) party for him.  And now it’s back to work apparently!!  After such a nice rest…he he!!  I hope you all had a lovely “break”!!

So now it’s 2015!  I’m not quite in full swing yet, but until I am, I wanted to share a lovely wedding from last summer.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Claire and Craig for a while now, and I’ve watched their beautiful family grow with two wonderful children.  I’ve photographed both little’uns as babies, crawlers and toddlers, and it was so special to be trusted with their very special wedding day back in August.  The day began at Claire’s sister’s house with very excited children (and adults!) a spot of bubbly and lots of laughter.  The ceremony then took place at the lovely All Saints Church in Chevington, Suffolk.  Claire had arranged for Craig’s colleagues from the fire service to surprise him with an arch of swords (I’m not sure that’s the correct term for it!) which was so wonderful.  I slightly had a panic as when they all arrived it was a fairly quiet moment in the service, and I was paranoid that Craig would hear.  I tried to sneak the door closed, but huge church doors cannot often be sneaked!  Anyway all was well, the fact that they were in the midst of getting married I think meant that they weren’t listening out for murmurs outside!  Another surprise was Claire’s colleagues arriving too (she is a PCSO) so two lots of uniformed folk were there to congratulate the happy couple.  The celebrations continued at The Rowley Mile racecourse in Newmarket.  It’s such a great, fun venue, with lots of little areas and amazing views.  We could even hear Peter Andre who was singing at another of the courses the same day! (Good or bad thing? You decide!!)  Their amazing friends and family did an incredible flash mob after the first dance, and I know so much effort had gone into it, it was really fantastic and the bride and groom were gobsmacked! Such a lot of love and fun, it really was an honour to be there.  Thanks so much, enjoy!

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