Blog / Romantic summer wedding at The Garden Barn, Suffolk

This was such a beautiful, romantic summer wedding, full of love and pretty details, if you love a classic, romantic wedding then you’ll love this stunning day.

I have been lucky to photography several weddings and birthday parties at the very lovely Suffolk wedding venue The Garden Barn.  Never does it disappoint, it’s such a stunning venue for a pretty, countryside wedding.  It has a beautifully restored barn, with adjoining marquee.  Stunning grounds surround it, plus it’s not far at all from where I live!  What could be better!!

I was thrilled to be asked to capture some natural, honest wedding photography at The Garden Barn this summer for Freddie and Laura.  It was the Mum’s of the bride and groom who had originally contacted me, and whom I had most contact with prior to the day.  It was lovely to have had such involvement from the family as well as the couple in the run up to the day.

Their church ceremony was at the local family church in Bottisham, Cambridge, and then onto the lovely Suffolk venue.  I must say the weather was not kind to us.  But honestly, Freddie and Laura (and all their friends and family) were so utterly happy that it did not matter one bit.

The thunder and lighting while we were all in the marquee attached to The Garden Barn certainly was something to remember! (Never have I known rain like it while at a wedding!  But tell me, do think it shows in the photos? Just goes to show, a day is never ruined by rain!)  Some guests and the band struggled to get there as there was some flooding (and I had an eventful trip home!) but once everyone arrived the evening got into full swing.

A beautiful day was had, with pretty, elegant details and lots of fun and laughter had by all.  Thanks for stopping by, hope you like the photos.

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