Blog / Portrait shoot in Sudbury, Suffolk

So just a really, really speedy blog post.  I’m literally about to go and pick up my little boy. Like, I should be going really.  But I’m just gonna do this!!

I’ve just popped over to Sudbury to do some portraits of Anne at Juniper Flowers.  She very kindly said I could for my on-going portrait project, it’s just to keep my hand in shooting people in their places and just turning up and doing it…which is what I do all the time, but some times it’s nice to just do it for me!

portrait photograph sudbury suffolkportrait photograph juniper flowers sudburyportrait photograph sudbury suffolkportrait photo sudbury suffolk
portrait photo sudbury suffolk

She’s a gorgeous, fun, lovely lady and I’m really happy that she let me take over her morning.  I may go back next year and do more, when it’s warmer and Anne said the shop will be bursting with flowers, and maybe I could persuade her to pop one of her fab vintage frocks on too!

I feel a personal blog post coming on to be honest.   I think it’s the run up to Christmas, and having a look back at the year.  This shoot has been great, but I still feel like I need to push myself more, so perhaps a re-visit next year could be a good idea to see if I can push myself a bit more to progress further.  See, I’m a bit in my head at the moment, assessing myself and analyzing myself…which I guess when you work for yourself and only have yourself to answer to, this can’t be too much of a bad thing.  Is a bit draining though sometimes!!  But hey ho…it’s a very special 2nd birthday on Saturday, and we’re going to go on a train (hopefully!) and there are fireworks Friday, and a robot cake.  And then it’s Christmas by the sea.  So really, I am a very lucky girl indeed.

Right….off to get the boy.  xxx