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In my life outside of wedding photography (and motherhood/being a wife/cleaner/office worker/accountant/chef etc etc….you get the picture!), I also shoot portraiture for various clients, including publishing companies and national magazines.  In the run up to my working life starting again (slowly….I’m still on maternity leave for a while yet, but a few things are coming up to ease me back in gently!) I have been sorting out some more recent work, and I thought I’d share some on here.  With my portraiture I often have a fairly wide brief to work with, sometimes very vague (a portrait please!), and sometimes very specific.  It’s always challenging, and it always makes me think on my feet.  I almost always don’t know what the environment will be like that I have to shoot in, and I never know how the person will be.  I just turn up, with my camera, a few lights, and I see how it goes. I love it.  Some jobs are more corporate than others, some call for a little more quirk and creativity.  I hope you enjoy my photos.  Thanks for stopping by. portrait-photography_0015portrait-photography_0016portrait-photography_0006portrait-photography_0007 portrait-photography_0005     portrait-photography_0008portrait-photography_0003portrait-photography_0004portrait-photography_0014portrait-photography_0013portrait-photography_0012portrait-photography_0011portrait-photography_0010portrait-photography_0009

portrait-photography_0002 portrait-photography_0001