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I think it must be this time of year.  Plus, what a year I have had.  A new baby.  Becoming a mum of two.  One of my busiest wedding years plus several editorial clients calling again.  And now for the quiet time.  End of season, so to speak.  Time to reflect a little and re-assess (plus plan for both kiddies’ birthdays, Christmas, finish the last few weddings and watch as much TV as is humanly possible. Oh, and the wine.  Don’t forget the wine.  Obvs.).

So I was just looking at some recent pictures, and I made a connection, which I think may help me with some changes I hope to make next year.  I don’t want to be all arty about this, but, you know what, I kind of am an artist I guess.  (Oi, who said debatable?…Shhhh! I’m having a moment!)  Anyway, I realised that I love the moment.  I now spend a lot of time looking at other photographers’ work, and it’s of course about the moment.  That’s what a photo is.  But I’m just looking back, and what makes me smile, what makes me think “YES, I got it!” are the iddy-bitty-silly-funny-blink and you’ll miss it moments.  I like a laugh, I like a look, I like a mistake.  And I think it says more about me than I ever could do in words.  xxessex-wedding-photography_0002 wedding selfie essex-wedding-photography_0003 suffolk-wedding-portrait-photography_0004    suffolk-wedding-portrait-photography_0005AL26suffolk-wedding-portrait-photography_0006suffolk-wedding-portrait-photography_0007CTs101suffolk-wedding-portrait-photography_0009     wedding1