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We had our first family of 4 mini break.  We went to beautiful Norfolk.  We saw Thomas the Tank Engine.  We went to a beach or 2.  We had Easter eggs.  We had fish and chips.  We had eggs and bacon.  We did do other things that didn’t involve eating, but I can’t think of them right now.  It was lovely.  I took the wrong battery for my “big” camera.  I’m a bit of an idiot.  My planned beautiful Norfolk photo story is now a bunch of Iphone photos.  But I don’t mind – I was on a break. xxnorfolk-photography_0001 norfolk-photography_0002 norfolk-photography_0003 norfolk-photography_0004 norfolk-photography_0005 norfolk-photography_0006 norfolk-photography_0007 norfolk-photography_0008 norfolk-photography_0009 norfolk-photography_0014norfolk-photography_0010 norfolk-photography_0011 norfolk-photography_0013