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This low key village pub wedding in Clare, Suffolk was so much fun.  If you are thinking about an intimate, relaxed village pub wedding, then this might be right up your street!  Amanda and Will wanted a totally no-fuss day, with relaxed and informal wedding photography to match.  Concentrating on getting friends and family together for a fun filled celebration.

St Peter and St Paul Church, Clare

We started at the magnificent St Peter and St Paul Church in the stunning Suffolk town of Clare.  Very close to home for me, Clare is a wonderful little town (the smallest in Suffolk!)  I often head over there for walks in the country park or a cheeky cuppa in one of the lovely cafe’s.   wedding I met the guests at the church.  Will and his best man were there, looking a little nervous but in good spirits.  The bridal party arrived and then finally Amanda. Her  elegant dress with a beaded bodice and flowing cream skirt suited her petite frame perfectly.  A lovely, heartfelt ceremony took place, and an ecstatic bride and groom were married!

Sunny day

It was a perfect sunny June day for a Suffolk village pub wedding, and after the ceremony everyone spilled out in the sunshine.  There were congratulations all round, a few informal group shots.  Then the confetti was thrown!  I love a confetti shot, and often it can work really well just after the ceremony.   It’s a perfect transition moment.  Noting contrived or too set up.  If the couple want confetti thrown (and if allowed at the venue!) I often ask the guests to simply line up either side of the path.  Then the happy couple can stroll through, seeing all their guests, and have all the papery stuff thrown at them!  It works for everyone, the guest all get a change to throw it at the couple, the couple get to see everyone, and I get several chances to capture the best confetti moments!

Pretty Clare

The guests headed off to the local pub (The Cock Inn) and the couple and I had a little wander round.  This is essentially what happens when you have your couples portraits with me.  We go for a wander.  Not too much chit chat, not stress, just a gentle moment after you’re married for you two to soak it all in, and for me to find some nice spots for pictures.  We wandered round the church, the pretty lanes and the gardens too, before heading back over the pub.  I couldn’t resist asking them to stand in the central reservation (is it called that?!) for a quick shot, and luckily no one was squashed by a car!

Relaxed pub garden reception

And so back to the wedding reception.  Lovely weather, drinks and friends.  Everyone mingled and chatted in the pub garden.  A bbq buffet for dinner, served outside and delicious.  The bbq catching on fire phased no one luckily, and was soon put out so cooking could commence!  Speeches were by the best man, the groom and the wonderful flower girl (too cute!)

After more drinks, fun and a bouquet throw it was onto the first dance. But then, a power cut!  All the power to the dj booth and rest of the pub was gone!  But, a relaxed couple stayed relaxed.  This was one of those memorable moments, something you can’t plan for, but becomes a defining moment.  Guests scrolled their phones for the fairs dance song.  Luckily the power behind the bar was still on, so the phone was plugged into a small speaker.  In the fading light of a summer evening, the couple danced to the music from the phone and all the guests singing along.  A better first dance I don’t think I’ve seen!  The love shone through!


What a fabulous day.  Thanks for having me!  If you are looking for a low key, unobtrusive and relaxed wedding photographer for your Suffolk wedding, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.   You can see more Suffolk weddings if you click here!  Ta ta for now x

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