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Tomorrow I’m off to London town.  I’m doing some interiors photography for Finch Interiors, a fabulous design company who just keep doing more and more amazing work.  I’m so excited and proud to have shot some amazing interior design they have done.   These include The King of Ladies Man, Adventure Bar Clapham Junction and Covent Garden and a fabulous Kings Cross town house.  Here are some pics from our last shoot at Goat Chelsea and the Breakfast Club Battersea.  It’s so nice doing something a little different, I’m hoping for another fab day tomorrow. london-interiors-photography_0001 london-interiors-photography_0002 london-interiors-photography_0003 london-interiors-photography_0004 london-interiors-photography_0005 london-interiors-photography_0006 london-interiors-photography_0007 london-interiors-photography_0008 london-interiors-photography_0009 london-interiors-photography_0010 london-interiors-photography_0011 london-interiors-photography_0012 london-interiors-photography_0013