Blog / Elegant London Elopement Photography {black and white}

Doing this London elopement wedding photography was a real treat for me.  To be in on such an amazing secret is incredible.   I may not know anyone involved, but still the butterflies flap about at the thought of the great reveal after the wedding!

Josi contacted me several months prior to the wedding day.  We had an instant connection and I immediately was looking forward to this day.

The sun was shining as I waited for Josi and Steve, Josi’s two sons and the couples two friends.  Ealing Town hall is an incredible place to get married, a beautiful building with a real sense of grandeur.

I don’t usually blog my images in black and white, but the setting of this London elopement, the intimacy and the relaxed, elegant style made me think that black and white suited it.  I always give my couples all their images in both colour and black and white, so the option is always there, but colour usually grabs me more.  But I hope you ‘ll agree that this look stunning and really suits the style of the elopement.

After the emotional ceremony,we headed across the road in Ealing, to Ealing Green.  A stunning green space with a lake and many sunny hidden corners.  It was the perfect place for some fun couples portraits and then we found a shaded area for a picnic.  Phone calls were made to family telling them the good news and arrangements made for a family gathering the next day.

An elopement is not for everyone, but I just think there is something so magical about sneaking off and getting married.  Not to belittle a BIG big day, not at all, to celebrate with everyone is a wonderful thing to do.  But for some people, to just slip off together, maybe just with the kids or best friends as witnesses, is simply perfect.  If you can tie that in with a great big party, then all the better!  Just remember, a photographer is still important at your special day, you’ll want to show everyone what happened wont you!  So keep me posted please!

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