Blog / Lockdown wedding photography: Withersfield, Suffolk

The one and only wedding for me in 2020 was an utter blinder.  It wasn’t what they’d planned.  We all know the score and how ruthless this pandemic has been to so many people and their livelihoods, plans and health.  It wasn’t what they’d imagined.  But it was magnificent.  As they say, love conquers all.

A wonderful ceremony (with a slightly sweary priest!) with masks on felt a challenge to start with.  I focus on peoples faces you see, I want to get the emotions, and the mask, well, they hide it.  Or so I thought. Turns out that the feelings and emotions somehow amplify when things are restricted.   It felt somehow all the more special.

The masks came off outside (thankfully – I kept steaming up my eye piece on the camera!) and we wandered to the green for some distanced fizz and cakes, and group shots. This was a very strange weather day for the middle of August.  It felt like autumn with mist and a chill in the air.  But yet again it didn’t dampen spirits.  This day was not going to be beaten!

Some gorgeous couples shots with this amazing, fun pair, and that was it.  BoJo had just announced the day before that they could have a reception of 30, but sadly 2 weeks previously he’d said they couldn’t, so plans had been cancelled only to then find out they could have gone ahead.  But a few family round for a drink and food would have to suffice.  For now.  Bring on the party in 2021 I say!

Well done guys, it was beautiful, moving and so very special.  Congratulations.

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