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This business I am a part of is forever changing.  When I studied at university, it was with film cameras.  Not through being cool, but through there being only film cameras.  Digital was not yet a thing, or not an accessible thing at least.  I discovered at university that I loved taking photos of people, portraits that were set up – in the loosest possible sense.  I don’t mean posing, I just mean I was never brave enough to just wander round with a camera and photograph what was going on. I liked the element of control a portrait gave me, but I was never really brave enough to tell the person what to do.  And I think it’s worked for me rather than against as my career has progressed.

I went on to aspire to be a music photographer, and did dip my toe in (highlights of my musical expolits were photographing The Coral for Clash magazine, and I did shoot for Smash Hits once too, ah them were the days!)  But once that wore off a bit, it was just, well, people that I wanted to photograph.  I did photograph some celebs (check out my other website for some proof!) but mainly, and honestly, I loved (love) photographing regular people.  Though none of us are regular!  I started to get “real life” case studies to photograph, health features, small business features, all sorts of human tales to tell.  And I loved it, I still do.

The wedding opportunities started arriving, and I grabbed them and ran with it.  My love for people was continuing to be satisfied, and also a confidence grew with the wandering round with a camera type photography.  What I now cherish, the natural and relaxed way in which I capture weddings and events, milling about in the background, now wanting to get in the way, actually leads me to get great shots and be a bit inconspicuous.

So what’s all this got to do with the business photography I hear you ask?!  Well, I feel I’ve come full circle a bit really.  I’m harping back to my main love of people, and relating to the editorial shoots I do, I am combining all my experience into a new offering.  Lifestyle business sessions, for small businesses, creatives and independent shops.  Using my editorial skills combined with relaxed, informal documentary photography, I want to offer fabulous, natural images for businesses.

So I reached out, and Justine from Chilli Designs became my first business client! We spent an hour or so at her home, where she creates wonderful silver jewellery.  We did some portraits, she started making and i photographed the process, and I captured some stills of the working environment.  We had a lovely time and I’m thrilled with the images.  Great for Justine to use on her website and marketing.  In the image conscious world we now live in, a great photograph can help a small business so much.

I hope you enjoy the images.  To find out more about my photography for businesses, you can take a look here.

Thanks for stopping by. Rebecca x



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