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When I had the idea to add business lifestyle photography to my offerings, this shoot is what I had in mind.  A fledgling new business, with an eye for detail and style.  An exciting product.  A passion for creating and for making your own business work and work well.  And lovely, lovely people.  How lucky am I to dip into peoples lives and spend an hour or two with them, and capture some moments.

Mini Miss Bread is an artisan bakers, making delicious variations on her superb sour dough loaf.  Supplying various cafe’s in and around Saffron Walden, the wonderful market town in North Essex.  She also offers a collection service from her base in central Saffron Walden.

I had no idea how sour dough is made, and I really did enjoy watching to process unfold.  It’s a 3 day process, and I can’t say that I stayed that long, but in an hour or so I got to see shaping, cutting, baking and packaging, plus I was sent off with a delicious loaf!  And I can hand on heart say it was utterly delicious.  It was still warm when i got it home. Mmmmmm…..

So I spent an hour or so with Megan, and I just photographed what happened.  Really, that’s it.  A few portraits thrown in, and that was us done.  It really is that simple.  And it’s what I pride myself on.  I’m not fibbing when i say it’s relaxed and natural when I shoot your business.  My aim is to capture what you do, how you do it, and the essence of you.  In a hope that it will represent you in a way that makes you happy.

Here’s what Megan thought of her photographs:

“Hey Rebecca, Just to say I think your photos are amazing! So beautiful. You’ve made what I do look so beautiful and calming (HA!).  I think these pictures show a really nice behind the scenes view of a small business and you should be applauded for that.  I’d love to get you back again to do some more photography in due course! But in the meantime THANK YOU”

I’m thrilled.

If you are thinking about getting some relaxed business lifestyle photography done, I’d love it if you would consider contacting me to have a chat.  I can capture lifestyle shots, portraits and product shots, all in the comfort of your business premises, catching those all important moments!  You can see more about my business lifestyle photography here.

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