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It’s your wedding and you want a relaxed, fun filled day with no stress, no pretence, just love and laughter.   But how do you feel relaxed with a wedding photographer hanging round?  You don’t want your guests having to pose all day for photos, and you really hate having your photo taken.  You need a relaxed, informal wedding photographer with an eye for the special moments, to capture these great big smiles and emotions for you.

A theme reoccurs throughout my photography, and it’s laughter.  Some of my first and favorite portrait photographs became so special to me because of something I caught in those moments.  Below are four examples I shot for Sunday Express magazine at the beginning of my career.  It really started me on a path hunting out great expressions.  A laugh or a grin, or a simple subtle smile.  But that emotion and moments are what clinch it for me.  And this carries on through to weddings.cambrige editorial photographer

cambridge editorial photographySo the tricks for relaxed wedding photography, with tonnes of laughter shot, like the ones below in this post?

-Book a photographer that you trust and that you can see has a proven track record of catching the fun, joyful moments.

-Relax!  Truth is, if you have booked me (or you’re looking at booking me), you are a relaxed, fun couple who may not want to be center of attention but you DO want to have an awesome fun-filled day. You might feel a little nervous about having photos taken.  But, trust me when I say this, on the day you WILL forget about me.  And it WILL be Ok!

As you can hopefully see from these relaxed wedding photographs, my aim is to catch these laugh out loud emotive moments, and I manage to do that by almost being invisible for a lot of the day.  I try and blend in, a friendly face but not obtrusive,  and this allows people to RELAX and cherish those precious joyful moments.  And that’s when I get the shot!

I’ll do another more specific post about how you can feel relaxed during your couples portraits, but this is mostly about trusting that your beloved guests will be captured in the most fun, honest way.  And that at the end you’ll have a wonderful documentation of your special day, a little bit warts and all, a lot fun and a big truck load of smiles.

-Make your day fun!  Of course, no one plans a not-fun wedding (!) but be aware of your timings, and what you have planned throughout the day.  If you have a really long stretch of time with nothing happening (other than drinking maybe!) perhaps thing about games for people to play at the tables if weather is bad.  A quiz can be a great idea, the table can work together the fill in all the answers and the winner from all the tables wins a prize. The quiz can be about the couple or about the venue.  Anything to get the table talking and having fun is a great idea.

Other options for good weather are fun outdoor games, which could be a game of rounders or cricket if space allows, through to welly wanging (we had this at our wedding!)  Things like giant jenga and connect four are great, as is boules or simply bean bags and a rope target.  People can get super competitive so leave a few clip boards, paper and pens about so they can tally scores.

A photo booth or props for selfies is a great idea too.  Even if you get a selection of hats or empty photo frames, people will love it.

If your budget allows it, a magician is a great idea for the quiet time between food and the evening reception starting.  I for one love this as I get such great expressions in the photographs.

So, hopefully that might have given you an idea, but the main thing I want you to gain from this is that it WILL be fun, and your nearest and dearest WILL have a wonderful time.  ANd if I’m there with you, I WILL capture those emotions for you, and you’ll be able to treasure them.

Thanks for reading x

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