Blog / Hexton Manor Wedding Photography

It was wonderful to photograph this beautiful wedding at Hexton Manor in Hertfordshire towards the end of the summer.  It’s a stunning venue with tonnes of options for wedding photography, and with the choice of an outdoor ceremony what more could you ask for? There is the main manor house itself overlooking a stunning lake, where Lisa and Stuart tied the knot outside in the glorious late summer sun.  And then there is the beautiful walled garden with beautiful grounds and marquee where the reception was held. Fairy lights and simple, classic decorations made this special day feel full of love and class and a joy to be a part of.  I was only with Lisa and Stuart for a few hours, covering the ceremony through to the meal, but it was a wonderful day with fabulous speeches and a great, fun vibe.  Thank you so much for having me there and for trusting me with this special day.

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