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My lovely friend had her third daughter last year, and I just had to take some photographs for the family.  When she was pregnant, I took some photos too, so it was great to be able to do a follow up shoot. This was an ultra-mini session, we were essentially having a play date with the kids in tow, and I took the camera.  But it is shoots like this that fill me with joy, and remind me that yes actually I do have a talent and I do know what I’m doing!  So there!  The kids, as always had a lovely time, and I took some photos.

The joy of this is the kids just running round, playing pirates, and having fun. I asked them to all sit together and stand together, but that is a split-second moment in comparison to the whole shoot.  In my years of photographing children, I know that you cannot get them to do what you want, well, not for very long anyway! Split seconds folks, that’s all you get.  But, that is all you need.

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