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Kimbolton wedding

Jess and Paul had such a wonderful relaxed, fun village hall wedding in Kimbolton.   There were lots of laughs whilst getting ready at her Mum’s home in Kimolton.

Jess had made an incredible bouquet for herself.  With beautiful brooches and jewels that Jess had gathered from friends and family, the bouquet was truly stunning.  The bridesmaids had handmade hoops too that were amazing.

After a short drive in a classic VW Camper van, the ceremony took place at the wonderful St Andrews church in Kimbolton.  A ceremony full of much laughter…when the bride accidentally says the grooms name wrong (middle name first) much hilarity follows!  Pair this with a vicar full of life and jokes and love, well it was a wonderful wedding ceremony!

Village Hall Reception

The wedding guests walked the short while back to Mandeville Hall, a lovely village hall.  Jess and Paul made the outside space into a village fete, with hook a duck, egg and spoon races, inflatable bumper cars and so much more.  There was bunting strooned around the place and hay bales made perfect seating areas.

This was a fabulously relaxed village hall wedding, with Jess and Paul chatting with guests and playing games, even getting in the paddling pool themselves!  I relaxed receiving line allowed for everyone to say hi, and for a me a great chance to get fun pictures of those moments too.

A delicious afternoon tea was served in the village hall, which looked incredible with it’s bunting decorations.  Very emotional speeches ended the meal, with not  dry eye in the house!

I took Jess and Paul off for a wander, and we got some relaxed and informal couples portraits in the glorious evening sunshine.  It never has to take long, but it’s so worth taking a walk to get some photos and for you two to have a little breather away from the wedding, and soak it all in.

In the evening there was a fabulous Ceilidh band, Monty’s maggots, and everyone had a whale of a time being flung around and flinging others around!

Such an amazing alternative way to have a first dance, and to get lots of people involved.  People got hot and sweaty, and had more beer, danced some more and then tucked into the hog roast!  A perfect end to an evening.

Thanks so much for having me, it was awesome!  If you’d like to see more about my wedding photography just head over to my dedicated wedding photography page.

Mandeville Hall, Kimbolton

Monsoon shoes – anabelle vintage court

Dress Nicola Anne #5

Caterer Mavis Campion

Hair Sammy Tang at Silhouetts

Kimbolton Flower Shop, Pat Troll, Dawn Goodrum


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