Blog / figuring it all out!

well, here i am, monday morning again!  and a head buzzing with things to do, what i should do, what needs to be done, and oh dear…my little boy is here too so i need to concentrate on him surely!  oh well, 5 minutes wont hurt…we’ll do something nice later, i wont feel guilty, no, not me…ahem!

so i’m trying to market my business, i’m trying to network, to meet the right people (in a virtual world of course) who may lead me to eventually be shooting people who want what i offer, or rather what i want to offer.  i love all my couples and families, and enjoy all of my jobs – to be taking photos for a living is a fabulous, wonderful thing to do so I am hugely honored to be doing it.  but, i need a shift, a change.  i need my passion back, and my passion has been sparked by finding superb photographers and wedding suppliers and bloggers who do it their way.  and thats what i want to do.  and i need to make sure i dont interpret my way as infact their way, i need to find my own voice again, from the days of projects at university and shooting bands for free in london,  that eye that looked for something a little different and a little interesting, wasn’t always the most techincial, but caught that moment that i felt such a rush of excitement about when the film came back (yes, i am that old!)

So this is my mission.  i feel it is a little all consuming at the moment, but I think it needs to be.  I also feel that this new way of thinking i have for my wedding and portrait work is helping me to progress with my other world, my editorial work- see here.  I’m looking at things again, I’m thinking about going up to interesting people in the street to ask them if I can photograph them, just thinking about it mainly as i am rather shy- but I’m thinking about it none the less!  An email i find to be much less scary…but also less productive as people can ignore an email very easily!  must be braver, must be braver!

i want to be doing my magazine work, i love driving off to an unknown place, to meet an unknown person and photographing them.  and to see it published is (usually-depends which one the pic!) fantastic.  and i want to be equally busy and happy with my wedding and family/kids portrait work.  I am happy with it all, dont get me wrong, but i want to be better, to push myself further, to do better for my couples and for my families.  its good i guess to want to progress, and for me right now, i feel i have a lot of progressing to do, and not alot of free time to do it in.  thank you mr.tumble for this few minutes, the first quiet time with my little’un in the room for a long time….maybe the tv should be on more often!! (i promise i’m a good mother, we do lots of nice things, we dont just sit infront of the telly all day, i promise, i promise, please believe me….starts weeping and feeling hugely guilty!)

…..SO!  I’m going to blog more, take nicer pictures, make more contacts, be more professional, offer nicer products, not become cheaper just to compete with teenagers, be proud of my skills and experience, waffle on less when i speak to potential clients, be more concise, dont talk people out of it, hire a new swanky lens to try out, buy some vintage dresses, get a hair cut, do some yoga, play with my boy, kiss my husband, and have a little dance in the dining room after dinner.  i’ll keep you posted how i get on.

big love xxx