Blog / Beautiful two day wedding celebration in Hinxton, Essex

As you may know if you read my blogs, I really, honestly love individual, heartfelt, relaxed weddings that are all about the couple.  That’s what it’s about isn’t it?  Nothing makes my heart sing like meeting a couple who are doing it their way.  Not what the big wedding blogs and magazines say they should do.  Not what family or friends say they should do.  But exactly that they want to do.  And that’s what these two did.

A small, intimate wedding ceremony at their local church in Hinxton, Essex, near to Saffron Waldon.  Just some family, a few pictures before, some during and a few after.  Then they headed of for a relaxed dinner together.  Followed the next day by a marquee in the garden (what a garden I must say, such a stunning family home) with Llama’s in the paddock, a hog roast and a bath full of beer.  Friends and family gathered, had a drink, some food and celebrated.  With a super shy bride, it really was an honor to be asked to be there.  We had a bit of time in the glorious evening sunshine, and I think it goes to show that you don’t need to go off for hours to get great couples photographs, all you need is a happy couple, some light, and a whole lot of love to capture those incredible moments.  My favorite kind of day.  Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy. x

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