Blog / Eco-friendly packaging for wedding and portrait photography in Suffolk

HI there, I have lots of shoots to update on here, but I’m just getting the images to the respective clients, so once they have them, I’ll be blogging away!  For now I wanted to continue with a post I started a while ago, but am only just coming back to now.

I’ve decided to go as eco friendly as i can.  its good for the environment, means I think about where my products are coming from, and the products are pretty darn nice too!  I’m going for british, recycled, eco friendly if possible.  I’m starting now and i hope to be fully eco friendly soon.  I have spent some time sourcing some lovely products that are simple, elegant and beautiful, and hopefully they create a lovely look for my clients to receive their photographs in.  I currently have new lovely recycled paper for all of my correspondence, and some lovely cd cases and boxes with beautiful natural raffia to combine it all.  Here are some pics to show you what I mean….I’ve also received my cover samples for the beautiful Folio albums that I’m beginning to offer.  I can’t wait to receive my sample album next week, I know it’s going to be amazing, and I really hope my couples love it too.  I’ve also upgraded the paper used in the pages of my Photo Story Books that I offer, and have sourced lovely boxes for them so they feel even more special and sumptuous than before.  I have been deliberating as to what albums to offer, I don’t want people to think I am pushing them to have the most expensive option or that I think one is better than the other.  Financially to me neither one makes a difference, I just want people to have a few options and to see that quality and plus side to both.  I can’t wait to get both the books photographed and updated on here and my site, and I just hope you all like it!

I’m also going a bit crazy looking at other photographer sites.  What do they charge, what do they offer, are their photos better than mine, what extras do they offer???  i could go on!  So I have decided (just now as writing this infact!) to just stick with what I do for now, and perhaps slowly offer new options to people, such as engagements shoots perhaps, or different package options for the length of time I’m at a wedding.  Hmmm, it’s so hard to second guess what people want.  If you have any opinions or ideas, I’d love to know!

Cheers for reading, have a fab weekend xx