Blog / cutipie kids photo shoots and a thought for the day

So today has been a great day.  I was lucky enough to photograph a lovely little 9 month old, just round the corner from my house.  His mummy had been given a voucher from her work colleagues for some portrait photography when she went on maternity leave, and it was so nice to hear from her and to arrange this shoot with her beautiful little man.  He’s been suffering with teething (something I’m suffering with at the moment….well, not me, but my sleep is suffering because of it so therefor I am suffering!!) but he was a very happy chappy for me and didn’t grumble, though he was a little reserved with his smiles!  We had a great time, firstly using some lighting and backdrops, and then moving around the house capturing lovely moments with mummy and son, and chasing him around hoping I’d be in focus for a least a few of the frames as he moved so fast!!  Well, I’m chuffed with the results, and cant wait to update here once the family get their discs and see their gallery.  I’ll keep you posted!!

Also, as it was a busy day, I then headed further into Suffolk towards Bury St Edmunds, to photograph a beautiful 1 and a half week old!  My littlest newborn to date!  I have been extremely lucky to have photographed his mummy while pregnant with his older sister, and to photograph his sister throughout her first year.  I’m also doing a year one package for his older cousin, and now he is getting infront of my lens.  It’s so wonderful to see this beautiful family grow.  Little bubba was sleepy to start, but then was a little more wide awake, so lets just say we may be revisiting this one!!!  Watch this space!!

Just a little observation for the evening….

I spend alot of time currently looking at other photog’s site, at blogs, at twitter, etc.  It’s inspiring, sure.  It helps me learn how to market myself, what to offer clients, it makes me aspire to be better.  But sometimes it makes me feel down.  Makes me feel not good enough, like i’m flogging a dead horse.  So, I’m going to try and stay positive.  Yes, there is the whole, huge, scary, talented, 10000 twitter follower’s strong, constantly blogging and networking world out there, but I am me.  In my little house in a market town in Suffolk, looking after my son full time, cleaning, cooking, popping to Sainsbury’s, and trying to run a business.  And I do pretty good I think.  I have several regular magazine clients who I shoot for, I have weddings booked in, I have (hopefully!) happy clients, I do nice pics of kiddies and I am pretty good at making them smile,  I don’t take too long on a shoot, I don’t pretend to be your best friend but I am friendly and I am genuinely interested in you.  I don’t want to be a ‘photographer by numbers same as them all just want to make cash out of you’ photographer, I do want to make a living but I am not, and never will be, a sales woman.  I love taking photos, but my family and friends come first.  And I really like being lazy, I just don’t get much chance to be now!

I’m just trying.  That’s all.  Trying.  Pretty hard at the moment.  I must try and remember I’m quite good.  And try to keep sane.  And try to have a bit of lazy time too!

Big love xxx