Blog / christmas 2012

well, a belated merry Christmas to you!  and while we’re at it, a happy new year!  2013 already eh?  cant quite get my head round that one, but will perhaps tackle it with a round up of 2012 in a few days, once I get my work head back on!

we had a lovely festive time.  it was slightly different this year from the last few years.  last year we had a just turned one year old crawling about, the year before a baby who was a few weeks old, so this year all was slightly calmer (if you can believe it was calm with a two year old, but trust me, i find it all much easier now he can happily play with trains and run around!)  Also a big difference was that we were at the coast.  my uncle has bought a house at the seaside, and invited the family down.  it is an amazing place, perfect setting, hardly touched for years, brilliant 50’s features.  lots of room for the trains and the running too!   we had the morning at home then headed off.  the rain pelted us on the way, but it cleared up enough for a lovely after dinner-pre pudding walk along the beach.

the house is amazing and i loved wandering round with my camera.  i’m getting my thinking hat on and preparing to sweet talk my uncle as to the possibility of shooting there again, got lots of ideas for interesting photos, so i’ll keep you posted.

i love the little details, the textures and colours.  and of course i loved being with my family, eating, drinking, sharing gifts and eating and drinking…oh, i already mentioned that didn’t i!!  i hope you all had nice festive times, had a bit of a break and re-charged the batteries.  i had a wedding in Cambridge on December 29th which was gorgeous and I’ll be blogging that once i get the photos to the happy couple.  but other than that, i haven’t done any work, but now i’m raring to go (kind of!) and looking forward to catching up with blogging and getting prepared for a busy and hopefully lovely 2013!

thanks for reading, best wishes for the year ahead xx