Blog / Early morning Cambridge family photo session

Family photo shoots don’t have to be young children, or new born babies.  Catching moments before they have grown and flown the nest.  I think that as our families grow up, we forget to document it all so much.  Children become self conscious, we are busy with school and work, seeing friends and after school clubs.   But I think that a family photo shoot can be at any stage in your lives, and for any reason.  Capturing lovely family photographs at any time is such a lovely thing to do, for the images it creates, as well as the time that you spend together doing something a little out of the ordinary.

This was a lovely family photography session early in the morning at the beautiful Fulbourne Nature Reserve, Cambridge.   This family wanted a special images for man of the family’s special big upcoming birthday.  We gathered together early one Sunday morning in Cambridge, and took the dog for a walk.  We had a 1 hour session which was a perfect amount of time for 3 adults (littlies often need a bit longer for snack breaks/loo breaks/tantrum breaks….adults usually not so much!).  We took a stroll, found some beautiful morning light and I think got some lovely images for them to treasure.

I think we caught some lovely images of a mother and her two daughters together, in a relaxed and informal way. I really enjoy meeting new people and turning up at new places, and capturing moments that happen.  I hope that I’ve captured happy memories for this family, and I hope that Dad enjoyed it brithday present!  I hope your enjoy the photos!  Thanks for stopping by. R

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