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Bruisyard Barn in Suffolk is a beautiful venue, and Frankie and Todd’s wedding was an absolute treat.  Quirky, fun, elegant and a little bit alternative, with beautiful dresses and personal touches.  Even the groom’s suit was amazing with tiny skulls on it!  It really was a wedding photographer’s dream!  The day was full of love and laughter, with friends and family integral to the proceedings.  It’s always such a joy to be a part of a special day like this.  The fact that the bride and groom are both photography graduates both excited and terrified me!  I so wanted to do a good job for them, but also I knew they would be up for doing some exciting, interesting photos and that the details would be spot on.  I wasn’t wrong!  The beautiful large balloons, the skeleton and the beautiful, subtle, oh so pretty woodland theme all came together to create a corker of a day!  Thank you so much Frankie and Todd for having me there with you on your amazing wedding day.

bruisyard suffolk wedding photography
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“Hi Rebecca, Thank you very much for our photos they are amazing! We are really pleased and have had so many lovely comments about them. I feel you captured the day and the feel of the wedding so well. You caught some really great moments, especially from the speeches and film! It was lovely seeing some of the moments we missed.  Thank you for your wonderful service, me and Todd said if we did the wedding planning all over you are the person we would have again!  Frankie and Todd xx”