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Hi there, it’s been a while since my last blog. I’ve done some lovely baby and children’s photography lately.  Time is tricky to come by with my little boy taking up so much of it…and I’m not complaining, it’s pretty special to be able to work and look after him full time, I’m a lucky lady, even if it all does seem a little overwhelming some times!

I’m currently hoping to be shooting a few more portraits of great suppliers soon, and I want to update my editorial website when i can as I feel I’m really neglecting that.  I have a great wedding at the weekend, really lovely touches and fab frocks…cant wait to blog about it soon.

So a few weeks ago I did a couple of children’s portrait shoots here in Suffolk.  This was the first one, lovely Dillon who’s mum had been given a voucher for a shoot with me when she left work to start maternity leave.  He’s now 9 months old, and a great age to photograph.  I popped to their house on a rainy July morning…is there any other kind, certainly not this summer!  And we had a good time moving round the house, using some lighting and backdrops but mainly shooting with daylight and using the house as the backdrop, which is definitely becoming my favorite way to shoot children.  I always use a location or house as the backdrop for my editorial photography, and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to find my confidence with doing this for my family photography.  It’s about having courage and trusting myself that I can shoot how I love to shoot, and people will like the results, and not worrying about what other people do and trying to emulate that.  Hmmm….anyway!! So we had a great day, and I hope that you like the photos.  As always you can leave a message by clicking on the speech bubble, or pop over to my facebook page to say Hi and give me a like if you fancy it too!


baby children's photo haverhill suffolk