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Hi, great to have you here!  I have always been a photographer.  I love photos.  I love the moments that are magically caught and frozen.  It’s always amazed me.  I love the little things that happen.  I am nosey.   I love how light changes everything.  I love people watching.  Did I mention I’m nosey?

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While doing A Levels I decided it’s what I wanted to do with my life.  23 years later, here I am!  I got a degree in photography from Nottingham Trent University, then moved to London (streets are paved with gold you know!) and assisted lots of photographers for 7 years.   It was awesome fun.  I had my vespa and bombed round (hungover mainly) to work on a huge array of jobs.  Kids fashion to pop stars to interiors.  You name it, I probably assisted on it.  But my memory is rotten, so don’t ask me about details!  I built up a portfolio and began to get commissions for magazines like Red, Glamour and Grazia.  I still take editorial bookings, and this work is over on my editorial site if you fancy taking a look.

I came back to Suffolk (via Japan + Oz) and along side the editorial work, I began to get wedding and family portrait bookings.  I wanted to offer people something fun and fresh, real and honest.  So here I am!

If you decide to trust me to work with you, I promise you this:

-I will never ask you to say cheese!

-I will not be bossy, but I will be in charge when I’m needed to be!

-I will always be professional, but that doesn’t mean I’m not friendly and quite good fun!

-I will feel honored that you chose me and I will get awesome photos for you that you will love!


So, Ok, that’s the work stuff.  But what about me I hear you cry!

– I’m married to Matthew. We had an icecream van and welly wanging at our wedding. It was much fun.

– We have two boys. They are amazing, funny and smart and I am tired ALL the time!

– I like yoga. My first yoga experience was going to a greek island for 2 weeks to photograph for a holistic holiday company and doing yoga twice a day. It was heaven.

– Although I have lived elsewhere (Nottingham/London), and travelled a fair amount, I now live where I grew up as I love being near my family.

– I love my garden and I’m getting chickens soon. Fresh eggs are the BEST!

– I once ran the London marathon. I’m not built for running though.

We have a new kitten called Percy.  He’s gorgeous!

If you like my photos, and like the idea of me hanging out with you and taking photos, then get in touch, and maybe we can chat on the phone or meet for coffee and a chin wag.  Or wine.  Or cake.  Or coffee, wine and cake?

Thanks so much.  Rebecca




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